Trails Update: June 27, 2019

Can you feel the weather? I could be a weatherman: I’m only right some of the time and I can feel when the rain is coming. Rain feels itchy. Ok, well… the mosquitoes tell me when the rain is coming. Last Tuesday, they insisted a storm was brewing (so did the weather network, actually) but that did not scare the 15 volunteers that braved the forecast for some satisfying digging on the Chipmunk Rebellion. We were treated to food and drink (also thunder and lightning) ... Read more

Trails Update: June 20, 2019

Jane Lakes Success The crew put in some weekend hours to support the 14 WAM endurance race volunteers last Saturday. The black flies were out in full force, but they were no match for these resilient athletes! All of the planned re-routes got done and the lower FSR is now passable! Fair warning though: none of the creek crossings are upgraded yet, so expect rudimentary log walks until we build rideable bridges (when the blueberries are ripe...) “Why aren’t you in there finishing ... Read more

Trails Update: June 14, 2019

Jane lakes clearing Our ears are still ringing from the whining wail of 2 stroke cutters. This week we tackled clearing the Jane-Jake and Jane lake north trails. There’s still plenty to cry about on the FSR (and we’re working our way down) but these trails are ready for the WAM runners to bench in some sections that need ground work on Saturday (June 15). After that, we’ll be upgrading several water crossings to make them bike-rideable.   Chipmunk Rebellion debrief The Chipmunks are ... Read more

Trails Update: June 6, 2019

The Rebellion is on! In some ways, breaking ground on a new trail can be as exciting as it’s ribbon cutting. This past Tuesday, after countless explorations and laying flagging in pretty much every direction, we cut the first bit of corridor on the Chipmunk Rebellion. I’m not one to procrastinate, but this was cutting it close: the rebellion was scheduled to start that night. This was confirmed to me by the rather large chipmunk gathering her strength before the uprising (she ... Read more

Trails Update: May 30, 2019

HIHI is back on! We’re happy to report that HiHi has been resurrected! Slightly farther up the slope, and trending mostly down, the new line was crafted rather quickly. Another trail night, sponsored by Arc’teryx Whistler “got ’er done”. 33 Volunteers were fed Functional pie and Coast mountain brewed refreshments for their heavy lifting! The trail crew also took the opportunity to re-think the exit of the High Side trail… Rob’s the man! Rob likes big rocks and he can not lie (down)... until ... Read more

Trails Update: May 23, 2019

  Thanks Queen Victoria! We had a refreshingly short work week thanks to the holiday, but the black flies tried to make it unbearable… we all reached for our bug nets at some point! We did make significant progress though: Hi-Hi 2.0 is close to completion! “Wait, Hi-Hi was fine!” … not after the fuel thinning. We’ve re-routed the entire trail out of the treatment area. We picked a line that swoops mostly down and ventures near some massive stumps (from 1960’s logging) and ... Read more

Trails Update: May 17, 2019

Yummy Numby 2.0 The trail known as Yummy Numby was first created to access the technical rock slab section of Comfortably Numb (Foreplay). Eventually, “outside the box” thinkers tried turning right at the junction with Foreplay… this became even more popular. I’ve always felt that Yummy Numby was incomplete: The road section followed by the relentless steep and loose doubletrack grunt didn’t mesh with the rest of the experience (forest singletrack). After many walks, rolls of flagging tape and map study, Whistler-Blackcomb approved ... Read more

Trails Update: May 8, 2019

The night before Tuesday 'Twas the night before Tuesday, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The flagging was laid in the forest with care, In hopes that keen diggers would soon be there… I lose sleep over this. Seriously. For the first few trail nights, I’m like a child on the night before christmas: Filled with unrelenting anticipation. Will anyone show up? Did I flag enough work if hundreds show? Who’ll build up that rockwall? Will there be ... Read more

Trails Update: May 3, 2019

Danimal South Following a land swap, the RMOW has tasked WORCA with managing the historical singletrack trails in the south end of the “Westside Zone”. These trails include “Piece of Cake”, “Moose Knuckles”, “Butterflies and Flowers”, “THC” and “Danimal south”. We’ve undertaken some upgrades (armouring roots/ holes and berming into the climbs) to upper Danimal south and THC as they will become the ultimate exit from the Sproatt big ride: Mystic>Rocks>Squirrels>Chipmunk>Waste>Danimal>THC. Vollie trail nights It’s time to get (a little) dirty! The first ... Read more

Trails Update: April 25, 2019

Chainsaws and rakes and birds It sounds like spring in the woods. Love is literally in the air… I mean for birds of course. Males are loudly wooing ladybirds and established couples are claiming their turf. There’s a lot of tweeting going on but that chorus is interrupted by the rhythmic scraping of rakes and steady wail of 2-stroke trail clearing machines. Winter’s been blustery and every trail has a fresh coat of treetop trimmings (often, the whole tree). The trail crew ... Read more