Trails Update: Aug 29, 2019

Danimal South blue-ification Our continued efforts to provide a continuous intermediate link from Lord of the Squirrels to the valley focused on the lowest piece: Danimal South into THC. This was a substantial effort in compromise. Without enough real estate to add an entirely new, separate intermediate trail, we toned down the rooty chaos with strategic armouring and “slow-traffic lanes” for root free braking. We also built a new line which bypasses the crux turns (the original line is unchanged for those who ... Read more

Trails Update: Aug 22, 2019

Uncovering trails We fired up the brush saws this week to fight back the weeds (and berries) growing under the powerlines all over the west side. It was a hot prickly mess! It’s not what I would call glamorous, “instagrammable” trail work, so I skipped the photographic evidence… Did we miss any sections? Please use Trailforks to report overgrown trails. DFX dig day Once again, the Whistler-Blackcomb DFX kids joined the trail crew for a few hours of heavy digging: extending “Cherry on Top” with ... Read more

Trails Update: Aug 16, 2019

Back with a splash It’s always a little shocking to get back into work mode after 2 weeks of sleep-ins and all-day rides... The Chainsaw felt heavier than I remembered as we pedaled into Jane lakes to “get it over with” (for this year). Perhaps careless strapping the saw to my pack, the bar leaned out more than it should have. I was excited to finish the last bridges to link the two lakes. As my mind wandered from planning the various tasks ... Read more

Trails Update: July 25, 2019

Jane lakes progress With the forecast calling for less buggy/more berry, we ventured back into Jane lakes to build some bridges. The pristine old growth forest there is mostly populated by Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock and Yellow Cedar… alas, our preferred (light/ easy splitting/ better smelling) Red Cedar is strangely missing from this zone. So, we mounted the big bars on the saws for some heavy milling. Anyone venturing out there will notice the distinctive soapy smell for months to come. The ... Read more

Trails Update: July 19, 2019

Tools out! The final commute on a remote trail is definitely the second worse. The worst commute is the first one: getting everything in there, usually uphill, to begin with. It’s quite satisfying to lug the tools out of a trail. There’s a sense of completion (although, nothing is ever really complete) and excitement to move on to a new project (despite having to get the tool UP to that project). This week, we lugged the tools out of Comfortably Numb AND the alpine section ... Read more

Trails Update: July 12, 2019

Missed the dirty 30? There’s now even more fun to be had along the course: Yummier numby is open and the trail crew have spent the whole week working in Comfortably numb (golden door to Jeff’s) patching holes and upgrading bridges so there’s even more cedar to smell in there! Also: berries are popping! Bonus: major armouring on Jeff’s trail as well! This is a terrific warm-up ride before tackling the higher stuff across the valley. Is it open yet? (LOTS update) The descent ... Read more

Trails Update: July 5, 2019

Fresh cedar smell Renovations are ongoing in the depths of Comfortably Numb. The trail was originally designed to be ridden south (from wedge to the village), however, it’s become more popular in the opposite direction since Yummy Numby and the Golden Door were built. So far this year, we’ve repaired or added new bridges to improve the flow of the trail (in both directions!). You’ll want to give it a try both ways!... perhaps not on the same day. More Comfortably Numb renovations to ... Read more

Trails Update: June 27, 2019

Can you feel the weather? I could be a weatherman: I’m only right some of the time and I can feel when the rain is coming. Rain feels itchy. Ok, well… the mosquitoes tell me when the rain is coming. Last Tuesday, they insisted a storm was brewing (so did the weather network, actually) but that did not scare the 15 volunteers that braved the forecast for some satisfying digging on the Chipmunk Rebellion. We were treated to food and drink (also thunder and lightning) ... Read more

Trails Update: June 20, 2019

Jane Lakes Success The crew put in some weekend hours to support the 14 WAM endurance race volunteers last Saturday. The black flies were out in full force, but they were no match for these resilient athletes! All of the planned re-routes got done and the lower FSR is now passable! Fair warning though: none of the creek crossings are upgraded yet, so expect rudimentary log walks until we build rideable bridges (when the blueberries are ripe...) “Why aren’t you in there finishing ... Read more

Trails Update: June 14, 2019

Jane lakes clearing Our ears are still ringing from the whining wail of 2 stroke cutters. This week we tackled clearing the Jane-Jake and Jane lake north trails. There’s still plenty to cry about on the FSR (and we’re working our way down) but these trails are ready for the WAM runners to bench in some sections that need ground work on Saturday (June 15). After that, we’ll be upgrading several water crossings to make them bike-rideable.   Chipmunk Rebellion debrief The Chipmunks are ... Read more