Trail work updates, Aug 29-Sept 2, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail What's all this buzzing? a) another wasp nest b) a helicopter c) word spreading about a new trail d) the entire rear break assembly falling off of the rokon (google it) e) all of the above After one final swim and ride down through the alpine (and the weather calling for snow) it was time to shut down "Squirrel camp 2.0". We chartered a helicopter to pull out 1050lbs of gear! There was no other way to get the big screen TV and hot tub ... Read more

Trail work updates, Aug 22-26, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail What a week! (I must start every report like this). The best way to treat a sunburn is by swimming in an alpine lake... As word of imminent completion spread (WORCA will provide details of the official trail naming and opening), traffic on the trail was at an all-time high (some even made two trips). A huge shout-out to those who dug, Hi-fived and left treats for the crew! Knowing that the end was near, Dakota, Raph and Jordan stepped ... Read more

Trail work updates, Aug 15-19, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail From what I saw in the Deep Summer Photo challenge and social media, the trail is producing some epic pictures! The Lord of the squirrels crew was off last week for a well deserved mid-summer vacation. Raph had a Crankworx stay-cation Dakota rode the Chilcotins and had some cottage time in Ontario Jordan worked on his boat and went home to the Shuswap I (Dan) road-tripped to Sun Peaks for some steeps, Silverstar to check out "Beowulf", Rossland for the 7 summits and Cypress ... Read more

Trail work updates, Aug 8-12, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail Moving our camp to higher elevation was a great idea mostly because of the commute (the views were supposed to be better too.) Unfortunately this week felt like we moved the camp to the bottom of a lake: 1600m is where the clouds are. It turns out that the inside of a cloud is somewhat "damp".  There was no escaping it. Every surface was wet. Under the tarps, inside our tents, under our skin: wet. I suppose there are also ... Read more

Trail work updates, Aug 1-5, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail It's quiet again up here... After all the commotion of the volunteer weekend, we can hear the birds sing and the creeks gurgling between pulaski strikes and Raph's grunts.  The black flies have turned it up to eleven. Speaking of bugs, after 12 stings on Cypress last weekend (I [Dan] stepped on a nest) I got another sting (or 3?) just below my eye that made me look like a boxer. Some of Dakota's friends from Vancouver came up to ... Read more

Trail work updates, July 23-29, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail Simply WOW. Planning for a volunteer work party, let alone a full weekend in a remote mountain location is daunting. "Will anyone show up?" Of course they will... (I hope). The logistics of getting enough tools, food and drink up there for 5 to 50 helpers AND lining up enough projects to keep everyone busy/interested has dominated the last few weeks for us. I'm glad to say that they did indeed show up: 35 hard workers climbed 1000 metres to make ... Read more

Alpine Sproatt Volunteer Weekend Photos

WORCA would like to send a tremendous "Thank You" to all the volunteers who dedicated one day or their entire weekend to come and help build 700 meters of trail on the Sproatt Alpine Trail! We are now only 1,500 meters away from finishing building this trail, and this incredible 3-year project would not have been possible without the never-ending support from our always dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors. To the 23 over-night campers and 10 day-trippers who came out to ... Read more

Trail work updates, July 18-22, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail We had a volunteer digger from Washington state for the whole week! Rob gets the award for best use of vacation time: Camping and pulling stumps. The rain stopped just in time for his shred down the mountain. After hearing of my drill battery woes last week, Pat from Sabre stepped-up, offering MORE POWER!!! (anyone remember "tool time"?). The Hilti monster-drill had way more stamina than we needed! We barely used one battery. I'm a fan now for sure! With 3 ... Read more

Trail work updates, July 11-15, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail This week we stepped up the preparations for the Volunteer weekend July 23-24. The BBQ was tested (thanks Zander for the steaks!) and micro flagging has been laid out for the benching sections. Please confirm your attendance on the event facebook page so that we have enough food and drink (and tools) for everyone. Some sections of trail look particularly daunting to build. We tackled a particularly steep section of bench cutting with fingers crossed... you never know what's on ... Read more

Trail work updates, July 4-8, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail This week we started leap-frogging ahead and tackling more complex sections in preparation for the upcoming Volunteer Weekend. We're leaving behind some benching and rock work sections to share the fun on the July 23-24.  This week we moved VERY BIG rocks and stumps from the ride line, built 3 bridges and benched/armoured/filled 2 water draws and made enough decking to get us "bridged" through to the next viewpoint. We'd like to thank the anonymous donor that left us ... Read more