Trails Update: Sep 10-14, 2018

Seriously, “Get over it” repairs I got to play “creative carpenter” this week while repairing some sections of woodwork on “Get Over It”. There was a huge difference in wear between segments of the highpoint bridge. While some parts were reduced to pulp, others were solid. I don’t like to be wasteful with resources in the woods... so, we removed the dead wood, re-anchored the good and built new individual segments that won’t complicate the next renovation. Not all the rotten bits were ... Read more

Sep 13th 2018 Toonie Results

Many thanks to Slope Side Supply, Scandinave Spa, Lucia Gelato and Mount Currie Coffee Co. for sponsoring the Sep 13th Toonie Ride! The results can be seen here for participants who chose to be timed!     Read more

Brandywine Boogie Trail Run

Brandywine Boogie Trail Run Sat 22nd Sept A stunning 10km trail run fro Cheakamus to Cal Check Campground on the single track and the Sea 2 Sky Trail.   Sign up at https://raceroster.com/events/2018/16932/2018-rotary-brandywine-boogie Volunteer Check in:  8.15am Walkers start gun:  8.30am Runners start gun:  9am A stack of great prizes to be won, podium finishes and spot prizes. All proceeds go towards Youth Programs in our community, WORCA and Zero Ceiling.  Participants choose where 50% of their entry fee goes to. Read more

Trails Update: Sep 1-7, 2018

LOTS ride 2.0 Well that was fun! We lucked out with perfect weather for our annual “Lord of the Squirrels” ride and party. I’ve included some pictures for those of you not already following #lordofthesquirrels on instagram. Emergency repairs I eat a special proprietary blend of Mini Wheats, Muesli, Cheerios, dark chocolate, dried fruit, seeds and nuts to fuel my forest time. I eat at my computer and start my day reading the latest trailforks.com trail reports. This is where YOU the trail users ... Read more

Trails Update: Aug 27-31, 2018

Well that dropped quickly!   The mercury that is. With rain mixed in, the past week felt more like October than August. This gave us the green light to fire up the chainsaws again, so we headed into the depths of “Comfortably Numb” for some bridge replacements. We also armoured and smoothed out sections that had become extra rowdy.   Sweet notches Chris (Markle)!  I’m not a carpenter, so I pay close attention to the original builder’s “assembly” when I need to replace an existing bridge. ... Read more

Trails Update: Aug 20-24, 2018

Trail nights coming soon! The trail crew started the week with some finishing touches on the new “Yummy Numby” bypass. We assembled the 2 northbound switchbacks in the next section and prepared it for the return of Tuesday dig night (September 4th). The meeting point to get your dig on is the start of “Yummy Numby” at 5:30 pm. Smoke and Dust If you’re looking for an easy breathing pedal with minimal dust, head over to “Cut Yer Bars”. We added some signage, choked ... Read more

Trails Update: Aug 17, 2018

Vacation update: My favorite riding experience is the “first time on a trail that is new to me”. I love the surprises, the unexpected and the thrill of discovery. That makes leaving Whistler a sure hit into the great unknown. Every town in BC is riddled with trails waiting to be experienced. I ventured to Revelstoke, Sol mountain and Sun Peaks and the thrill was high! Each location offered stunning alpine trails with never ending views, twists and turns. And critters! Unexpectedly, I ... Read more

Trails Update: July 23-27, 2018

Taking out the “Trash” With the thermometer and fire rating getting extreme, we tried to beat the heat by working riverside. “Trash” had some sections that were slumping away. We replaced rotten wood supports with fresh cedar or rock. Lots of rock. Lucky for us, Lex the endurance runner helped all day! To re-cap the trail, we used refreshing river water to make sticky “putty”. Solitude “Trash” was a busy place! We’ve not worked through so much traffic all season. I needed some quiet ... Read more

Trails Update: July 16-20, 2018

OPEN!  BC Hydro have completed the re-re-upgrade of their Lower Sproatt road... Perfect timing to announce that the new “Green Jello” section of the dessert platter is done! 40 WORCA campers came out to learn about trail building and help complete this short but very difficult to build segment. The fully volunteer effort battled deep duff! We had already run 2 Tuesday night digs on this section but these kids got to experience the thrill of the last bucket of dirt AND first tracks!   Overheard ... Read more

Trails Update: July 9-13, 2018

Vegetation control Brushcut Tuesdays took us to “Kill Me, Thrill Me” and “North of Town” for some more powerline cooking. We did get lucky timing-wise as the recent weather had caused the lichen to bloom. What a colourful sight! Also: huckleberries are starting to ripen too. Special guest We were graced with volunteer help for the entire week! Our trail work obsessed friend Rob has been coming to Whistler to vacation-dig for several years now. He was keen to go camping so we doubled ... Read more