Trails Update: June 25-29, 2018

April showers bring June overgrown trails  It's time for annual haircuts on our powerline and logging clear-cut trails. The May false start to the summer really got the Thimbleberry and Alder growing! The direct sunlight might be nice for plants but running a chainsaw/brushcutter for hours is less pleasant. We picked the coolest days to give "Hot Dog Alley","Beaver Pass/Pond" and "River runs through it" the first trim. We also started on the long ignored "lower Babylon"/"See Colours and Puke" loop.  Nature alert! Renee found an "owl pellet" and Pat noticed the sweet bear claw mark on a tree (see photos below). Pat and I tested ... Read more

Trails Update: June 18-22, 2018

Too hot to set "Green Jello"  This week got started with a scorcher: hot enough to keep the bugs away! Trek Dirt Series sponsored the last trail night of the spring. 25 Tuesday diggers got a full workout moving 267 buckets of rock and dirt to cap last week's 130 metre bottomless duff trench (all numbers are approximations). This section of "Lower Sproatt" still needs some work before opening it... we will wait until BC Hydro has completely completed their work on the new-new-road to connect it. ... Read more

Trails Update: June 11-15, 2018

We started this week by sharpening all of the tools to tackle the "Green Jello" re-route (of the Lower Sproatt road). Tuesday night diggers were up against the deepest duff of the season! There was enough red rot under the green moss to consider changing the project name to "Red Velvet Cake". The cold beer and snacks were provided by long-time trail crew supporter Pritchard! Next week (June 19) we'll close out the spring Tuesday dig nights by finishing this same project with support from Trek ... Read more

Santa Cruz Bicycles and Steel City Media donate $1,362 towards Cultured Climb!

 Huge thanks to Santa Cruz Bicycles and Steel City Media for donating the $1,362 profits generated from ticket sales of the Gamble Movie premier towards the new Cultured Climb trail! This donation, in addition to the $1,000 donated by Vorsprung Suspension means that we are closer to the $10,000 needed to build the Cultured Climb trail. The RMOW has agreed to match up to $5,000 in donations in order to reach the $10,000 goal. Local trail builder Zander Stathearn took it upon himself to ... Read more

Play Clean Go

Did you know... Many invasive plants are able to spread rapidly through trail networks by "hitchhiking" on people, pets, or their equipment. For example, seeds, burrs, and plant parts can get caught up in the tires of a mountain bike, and be transported to the next area or trail where the biker rides. To prevent the spread of invasives, it is important to clean shoes, gear (like mountain bikes!), and pets before leaving the trail-head or moving to a new trail-head. ... Read more

Trails Update: June 4-8, 2018

Moving bridges My "to-do" list is ever growing and some projects are more complex than others: -cut dead-fall on this -armour that -brushcut this and that -re-position 2500 lb bridge that got pushed down stream by a debris-flow With a lot of planning, some expert advise and unfamiliar equipment, we finally got the "Industrial Waste" bridge back in position!Huge thank you to Kevin and Bart at RMOW parks and trails and Chris for the extra muscle on moving day! (check out the timelapse of the move HERE). I now feel ... Read more

Vorsprung Suspension donates $1,000 toward Cultured Climb!

Huge thanks to Vorsprung Suspension for donating $1,000 toward the new Cultured Climb trail! This is a great example of a local business supporting WORCA and local trail builders. Local trail builder Zander Stathearn took it upon himself to obtain planning permission to build the Cultured Climb trail. WORCA is helping Zander to raise funds to cover his operating costs on this build. The trail description can be viewed on Trailforks here. The goal is to raise $10,000 to build this climbing trail and ... Read more

Whistler Shuttle donates $1 per bike to WORCA!

The Whistler Shuttle is now donating $1 CAD to WORCA for every bike that travels on their shuttles! They schedule their departures from YVR to Whistler around your flight arrival time to minimize your wait at the airport and get you moving as quickly as possible. They're on the clock as soon as you check-in with the airport representatives, and if you're not departed within the wait-time guarantee - your ride is free! Meeting guests arriving at YVR from 8am to 8pm, offering the most departures out ... Read more

Trails Update: May 28-June 1, 2018

"Hey! There's a trail!" This week, we mowed the lawn in the Cheakamus zone. Your derailleur should be free of vegetation on "Garbage", "Just Another Bike Trail", "Trash", and "Runaway Train". It's fun to finish what we started: Tuesday dig night got it done on the "Hot Dog Alley> Scotia Creek" climb. Thanks to everyone who helped get this great upgrade done! We've run several trail nights on this one, and, Giant Whistler Bike Co. provided the beer for the final push and "ribbon cutting ... Read more

Cut Yer Bars trail – BC Hydro construction project

In the next few days, BC Hydro will be starting a construction project near Rainbow Substation and a section of the “Cut Yer Bars” trail goes through the planned work area. More specifically, the section at the north end of the trail uses an access road where BC Hydro may have vehicles parked and then travels down the road adjacent to their planned work site. BC Hydro is not currently planning to affect trail access, however riders should be cautious while riding in this area. The bulk of ... Read more
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