Board Meeting Summaries

Board Meeting Summaries

2018 March Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday March, 2018

2018 February Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday February 13, 2018
Attended: Todd, Omer, Quinn, Suki, Christine, Paul, Nina
Absent: Craig, Jerome, Dale

Trails: Discussions to continue with Crankworx to come to an agreement on a trail maintenance donation linked to a per user rate for events using the local trail network. The Board agreed to support a Rick’s Roost re-route to commence in 2018.

The Board agreed that WORCA will work to engage members who participate in PHAT Wednesday.

The PR Director will produce a WORCA media plan for the next Board meeting.

WORCA will move forward with plans to recruit an Operations Manager to run operations and a Camp Manager to run the youth programs. Job Descriptions will be prepared for the next Board meeting.

Newsletter, website, and social media will be used to promote and fill the vacant Youth and Race Director positions.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday March 13, 2018

2018 January Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday January 9, 2018
Attended: Todd, Dale, Omer, Quinn, Suki, Craig, Christine, Paul
Absent: Nina, Jerome

The Board started planning for 2018. PR discussed how to provide more opportunities to engage with the bike community and membership. Staffing ideas were discussed that would allow the Board to move from an operational board to a governing board.

Toonie Date Planning Meeting scheduled for Feb 20th, 2018.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday February 13, 2018

2017 November Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday November 7, 2017
Attended: Christine, Craig, Dale, Nina, Paul, Todd, Kate, Mark

AGM: Treasurer preparing balance sheet, P&L statement and draft budget for the AGM. High School Scholarship fund name change to ‘Munny Munro WORCA Scholarship’ will be announced

FWAC (Forest Wildlife Advisory Committee: Todd will draft a response to the Cheakamus Community Forest- 2018 Planned Harvesting and Fuel Treatment.

WORCA’s application to Techsoup was successful and WORCA was approved for cheap/free software. The WORCA emails will be moved to G: Suite by end of 2017.

D’HUEZ ALP have invited WORCA to become a sister bike club to their mountain bike club, with the promise of free Enduro entries.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday December 12, 2017.

2017 October Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday October 3, 2017
Attended: Craig, Mark, Paul, Todd, Suki, Kate, Nina

WORCA will not run Social Rides in 2018 and Skills Director not required for now.

Board Meetings will move to second Tuesday of the month starting Decembe.

All Candidates Meeting sponsored by WORCA, Question, Pique. Monday Oct 16, 7PM High School. Format: 5 minute speech from each candidate followed by speed dating format questions at tables.

2017 Membership numbers: 1,611 (compared to 1,769 in 2016).

Discussion around trail work, plans and funding.

$10,000 Gaming Grant received for Youth Camps in 2018.

Halloween Toonie: Oct 26, Santa Cruz sponsoring

Nov 16: AGM

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday November 7, 2017

2017 September Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday September 5, 2017
Attended: Craig, Mark, Huw, Paul, Todd, Suki, Nina, Jenna

WORCA AGM planned for November 16,  next newsletter will contain a request for nominations for the PR & Youth Director roles.

A link to the 2017 Member survey will go out in the September 17 newsletter.

The WORCA Board will meet on September 24 to discuss whether a General Manager/Executive Director would be a good addition to the organisation and what the tasks of that role would be.

Youth Dirt Camps have wrapped up. The Lead Hand and Head Coach will not be returning next year, Youth Director is preparing hand over notes and program recommendations for next Director and new staff.

There have been 10 volunteer trail days to date in 2017, including the Freehub day during Crankworx. More to follow in the fall.

IMBA is taking nominations for Epic Rides – WORCA suggests Alpine Sproatt network.

PR Director is working on a LOTS info-graphic, signage will be added to the LOTS trail, Westside Wheel Up is planned for Sept 16.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday October 3, 2017
Sept 16:Westside Wheel Up
Nov 16: AGM

2017 August Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday August 1, 2017
Attended: Christine, Huw, Nina, Craig, Jerome, Jenna, Dale

WORCA Board members will form a committee to improve the process for collecting Board nominations for voting at the AGM to ensure new nominees are informed of the club’s strategic plan and short term goals for their position. Interested members who would like to join the sub committee to plan the process should contact the Executive Secretary, Huw Jones.

End of Season Survey – All members will be asked to participate towards end of the biking season in the Fall.

Jerome, Dan and crew will go up Thursday to confirm we can open LOTS fully on Aug 4th.

Discussion on Trials/Moto and their use, included history of trials in the valley, current use and Etiquette. How can user groups live side by side? Jerome is speaking with trials99 and Andrew DeBoer re: sharing the trail etiquette. Trials99 will develop more communication/etiquette signage and educate new trials riders to improve sharing of trails, consideration required for riding areas and times etc..

Summer Student Update – First audit complete and is going well.

Zander is working on Industrial Waste to make it a 2 way trail. Budget is $6,000.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday September 5, 2017
Sept 2: LOTS grand opening. Fundraising efforts will be donated to BC Fire Relief Funds.
Nov 16: AGM
Jan 2018: Special AGM
RMOW Bi-Election – WORCA will host a round-table pre-election with candidates.

2017 July Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday July 4, 2017
Attended:  Huw, , Todd, , Paul, Mark, Dale, Kate, Craig, (Staff: Christine, Suki, Nicole)

Not enough feedback given to alter Strategic Plan.

WORCA invited to attend Cheakamus block party Aug 26, 2017.

Wildlife Farm event cancelled due to lack of registrations.
The Board that coaches will receive a WORCA membership as part of their compensation package.

WORCA will be helping host a beer garden at Crankworx as a fundraising initiative.

WORCA has been selected by the Minister of Employment for a visit on July 6, 2017.

2017 June Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday June 6, 2017
Attended:  Huw, Nina, Todd, Jenna, Paul, Mark, Dale, Kate, Craig, Jerome (Staff: Christine, Suki)

It was agreed that the WORCA Strategic Plan should include deliverables, the plan will be finalized and provided online for members to provide feedback on.

Economic impact study will be available within the week

The Board agreed that WORCA will create an e-bike brochure for stores who sell ebikes to distribute to their customers, it will contain information on trail etiquette and suitable trails to ride.

Danimal South and trails on Prism Property will be opened to the public and rideable again soon, their status will be communicated by WORCA when ready.

West Side Wheel Up is planned for Sept 16.

A re-route of Trash is planned to provide a plush crush gravel trail access to the Train wreck trail.

WORCA will meet staff from Crankworx/EWS to learn about fundraising opportunities this summer.

2017 May Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday May 16, 2017
Attended:  Huw, Paul, Kate, Craig, Mark, Jerome, Todd, Dale, Nina, Jenna (Staff: Christine, Suki)

Presentation of Youth Coach in Training program by Youth Director. The participants will be aged 16-17, hold the PMBI youth coaching award, and be a current WORCA member. Youth coaches will only assist on the Child weeks (Age 6-9). This is a volunteer position that will give youth work experience to increase their chances of gaining coaching work when they turn 18. Board voted in favour of the program.

Motion by Coordinator that WORCA buy 3 tablets at a cost of $1200 approximately. The tablets will be used for processing memberships on-site, record timing/race results at events, log youth camp attendance and reporting, as well, sign in for volunteer trail days and other events. Board voted in favour of the purchase.

The Fundraising Director presented options for fundraising around 2 events coming to Whistler summer 2017: Enduro World Series and the Canadian Open Enduro. Discussion revealed the input required from Board and Volunteers during the busy Crankworx period was considered an issue and barrier to participation and the Board voted to receive the donation of $5,000 to be spent on trail maintenance on the trails used during the events instead.

2017 April Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday April 4, 2017
Attended:  Christine, Suki, Huw, Paul, Kate, Craig, Mark, Jerome, Todd, Dale, Jenna
Absent: Nina

The Whistler Mountain Bike Tourism Study first draft is complete and should be ready for public review end of April/May.

The WORCA website will include trail maps for each area in Whistler.

Insurance options for WORCA have been reviewed, updated and confirmed for the 2017 season with JLT insurance.

Fundraising is working hard with new partners (PemCap, Sombrio, Norco bikes, and Knolly) interested in donating money to trail funding. WORCA will go ahead with another raffle this year raising money for trail development and maintenance.

WORCA has moved bank accounts to RBC, a consistent sponsor of our programming.

The WORCA Board of Directors and a few key people heavily involved in the biking community are meeting with a strategic planner to assist in building a solid plan for the future of the club. The first session is planned for the end of April.

Due to BC Hydro work, there will be more re-routes planned on trails in the community so stay tuned for closure updates as snow melts and work begins.

2017 March Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday March 7, 2017
Attended:  Huw, Paul, Jerome, Mark, Nina, Craig, Jenna, Suki
Absent: Todd, Kate, Christine, Dale

The Board voted to withdraw sponsorship of the Monday Night Program and create a new group ride program for summer 2017.

Improvements to trail crew accountability and reporting were discussed. WORCA will be advertising for trail crew positions via its media channels in forthcoming weeks.

Following a recommendation from the Online Registration Replacement committee the Board voted to use CCN Bikes to deliver online registration for 2017 events, camps, and membership. Implementation will commence immediately with memberships and camps expected to go on sale on April 1.

The Board recognised the hard work that Nina, Todd and Jerome contributed to the Trails Open House and thanked them.

WORCA will be looking for assistance with bookkeeping in the near future.

The long term strategic planing project started with a membership and key partner survey, the Board and selected key members will meet for two group sessions facilitated by the Whistler Centre for Sustainability.

The Board intends to form a Risk Management committee to review past incidents, recommend improvements for the future and create a privacy policy.

Crankworx will continue to provide WORCA with a $5,000 trail maintenance donation to repair/prepare local trails used during their events.

2017 February Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday February 7, 2017
Attended:  Huw, Dale, Paul, Todd, Jerome, Mark, Nina, Craig, Jenna, Kate, Christine, Suki,

The Board has made the decision to move banking institutions to RBC and will move accounts this month.

The BIKE SWAP is set for May 6th.

After 4 years, the board has decided to increase adult membership from $50 to $60 for the upcoming 2017 season. Child memberships will stay at $15 and youth at $25.

2017 will some WORCA branded products. Businesses will be able to pre-order logo wear. Revenues made will go back into Trails.

There was discussion of changing Toonie Rides to Fivers. The board decided to retain the Toonie theme, keeping this a community event and encouraging riders to participate.

WORCA is moving towards digital waivers, a new database, and more efficient ways to check members into events. We’ve narrowed down a few software companies and expect to implement something new by the start of the season.

Toonie Date Setting Meeting will be Feb 21st. If you own or operate a business and interested in hosting a Toonie ride, please contact Kate (Race Director) for details.

Trails will have an open house March 2nd. Stay tuned for details in an upcoming WORCA newsletter.

2017 January Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday January 10, 2017
Attended:  Huw, Dale, Paul, Todd, Jerome, Mark, Nina, Craig, Christine, Suki
Absent: Jenna, Kate

The Board of Directors has hired Shannon Gordon of the Whistler Centre for Sustainability to assist the Directors in professionally building a Strategic Plan to operate efficiently and organized.

The Treasurer will work with Suki to set up a new detailed coding system for financial reporting. Each funding project has spending requirements which need to be accounted for in reports.

All Trail projects moving forward will incorporate a checklist for each job ensuring it is completed and stays within the projected budget.
Trail nights will be Tuesday trail night!!
A Trails Open House will be in February 2017.

Lots of ideas presented. Implementation may depend on new membership and program software choice. During the decision making process, Suki will take into account the financial ideas for memberships, Toonies and fundraising with the new software research as we were limited in the past due to cost.

2016 December Monthly Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Held: Tuesday December 6, 2016
Attended:  Kate, Craig, Suki, Christine, Paul, Huw
Absent: Jenna, Mark, Todd, Nina, Jerome

Reports for Grant money from Stonebridge/RMOW and American Friends of Whistler will be finalized and sent to the respective supporters to finalize work completed this past summer.

The Board has decided to move our bank accounts to support existing Sponsors.

WORCA is considering to hire a paid position for a bookkeeper to handle payroll. Or better, a volunteer to handle the summer workload of paying staff.

The Societies Act is changing some ways they handle non-profits data, bylaws and constitutions. We have until our next AGM to comply.

Date fixing meeting for Toonie and Trail Days sponsors will be held Feb 21st, 2017

WORCA is gathering all race and event dates to pre-load calendars with bike events for 2017. As well, setting our calendars to include SWAP, toonies, Monday Rides, PHAT Wednesdays and any special events we hold/organize.

WORCA is planning to meet with a Strategic Planner to assist us in building a long term plan and organize all we do to be more efficient.