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Trails Update: Oct 4, 2019

High side refresh We can really get a lot done when we focus on one project for the entire week: All it took was a couple of Tuesday Dig Nights and an IMBA canada trail building seminar to re-route 2 steep, chunky sections on the High Side Trail.  I must admit that the Cheakamus zone is blessed with a geological makeup conducive to pleasant digging. Other than the one big rock, it’s thin layer of duff and bottomless gold mineral soil were no ... Read more

Trails Update: Sept 27, 2019

Black Muck (Really) wet season is upon us and the daytime highs aren’t helping anything to dry. Clogged drains are making puddles and organic matter is getting pounded into black muck. This was a prominent problem on the Far Out trail. We tackled muck so thick that shovels were needed to scrape the sloppy mess. The fire thinning probably dropped most of those cones and needles onto the trail but seasonal raking would have helped. Far out was also ready for some ... Read more

2019 Board of Directors Nominations

2019 Board of Directors Nominations Running for President: Dale Mikkelsen The skills/experience that make you a strong candidate for the position: I am the current President of WORCA and have been in the role for one season.  I feel that our 2019 season has been very successful, in part due to our very effective Board, our Ops Manager, and an open approach to what WORCA does well and what WORCA needs to improve upon.  I feel that part of this was my part as ... Read more

Trails Update: Aug 16, 2019

Back with a splash It’s always a little shocking to get back into work mode after 2 weeks of sleep-ins and all-day rides... The Chainsaw felt heavier than I remembered as we pedaled into Jane lakes to “get it over with” (for this year). Perhaps careless strapping the saw to my pack, the bar leaned out more than it should have. I was excited to finish the last bridges to link the two lakes. As my mind wandered from planning the various tasks ... Read more

2019 Board of Directors Elections – Apply!

2019 Board of Directors Elections - Apply! The 2019 WORCA AGM will be on September 26th. Vacant board positions will be Treasurer, Race Director and Director of Public Relations but all 12 director positions will be up for election. There will be a special resolution to pass new WORCA Bylaws and if approved, the Secretary and Vice President positions will be two-year terms starting from the 2019 AGM and the President and Treasurer positions will become two-year terms from the 2020 AGM. ... Read more

Trails Update: May 3, 2019

Danimal South Following a land swap, the RMOW has tasked WORCA with managing the historical singletrack trails in the south end of the “Westside Zone”. These trails include “Piece of Cake”, “Moose Knuckles”, “Butterflies and Flowers”, “THC” and “Danimal south”. We’ve undertaken some upgrades (armouring roots/ holes and berming into the climbs) to upper Danimal south and THC as they will become the ultimate exit from the Sproatt big ride: Mystic>Rocks>Squirrels>Chipmunk>Waste>Danimal>THC. Vollie trail nights It’s time to get (a little) dirty! The first ... Read more

Trails Update: April 25, 2019

Chainsaws and rakes and birds It sounds like spring in the woods. Love is literally in the air… I mean for birds of course. Males are loudly wooing ladybirds and established couples are claiming their turf. There’s a lot of tweeting going on but that chorus is interrupted by the rhythmic scraping of rakes and steady wail of 2-stroke trail clearing machines. Winter’s been blustery and every trail has a fresh coat of treetop trimmings (often, the whole tree). The trail crew ... Read more

Trails Update: April 12, 2019

It looks like summer is melting its way into the Whistler valley and that can only mean that fresh trail reports are on the horizon! Here's the first one of 2019: Plans. This season, the trail crew will revisit some of the harder to get to bike destinations around the valley including Jane lakes and Comfortably Numb. We'll continue upgrading our ageing bridges (Get over it, Kill me Thrill me, Billy Epic) and armouring the most heavily "loved" trails (LOTS, LESS, Howler, Foreplay). Stay ... Read more

WORCA Enduro Development Team

Attention Whistler-based Youth Enduro Riders and Racers! For 2019, WORCA and Zep Racing have partnered to create a new high performance program for aspiring young Enduro-focussed youth riders living in Whistler. This will be a pilot program that we hope to grow after a successful first year.  We hope you want to be a part of it. The key details for application to the 2019 WORCA Enduro Development Team can be found here. For the full brochure, click here. Read more

2019 Memberships on sale now!

WORCA 2019 Memberships, Trail Supporter Program and Toonie Seasons Passes: On sale now! WORCA Memberships This is the best $60 you'll spend all summer. Every dollar from every membership goes directly towards making riding in Whistler better. ---------- WORCA Trail Supporter Program Get your hands on the coolest, most limited edition mountain bike apparel around with our $25 Trail Supporter Program. This year we celebrate the “Darkside” with beautiful shirts designed by the one and only Zoë Lomoro! For only $25, you become a WORCA Trail Supporter ... Read more