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Trail Work Update: 15 September 2017

Thanks to some moisture falling from the sky, we went back into Comfortably Numb to continue smoothing it out. We've made it through the Golden Door and are working our way back towards Yummy Numby capping our fresh armouring from earlier this summer. We've also added more rock and capping to the new start (Secret North)... the first "customers" cleaned it without a sweat! Lower Sproatt closure BC Hydro will be re-activating the "Lower Sproatt" double track (into a utility road) in the coming ... Read more

Trail Work Update: 8 September 2017

LOTS 1st Anniversary/Grand opening Well, that was fun! I could not count all the high fives, but a whole bunch of riders were out celebrating our new trail last weekend. OUR new trail. Over 200 individuals volunteered to make this experience possible! Whether you were digging on the mountain or performing some heavy lifting in the meeting rooms and committees, I want to extend another huge thank you! Signage progress... Sometimes less is more... confusing. We've been installing many trail sign posts and listening to feedback ... Read more

Trail Work Update: 1 September 2017

The dry weather continues. After 6 weeks of pole-saw work, we feel like we are losing direction... seems appropriate to install some trail signs. We put in close to 30 posts and ran out of name plates/arrows. While in the north end of town, we decided to begin "de-beach-ing" the new entrance to Comfortably numb. It's a bit of an experiment since we've never dealt with such light and perfect sand. Current conditions still warrant extra-fat tires.  More rock will be needed, ... Read more

Trail Work Update: 25 August 2017

What a great (stay)cation! I normally escape Whistler for Crankworx to go explore less crowded, new (to me) trails. However, watching Jesse Melamed climb to the highest step, taking friends up to the "Lord of the Squirrels", testing bikes and taking a helicopter ride reminded me why the world wants to visit our town. I was hoping that the solar eclipse would give our overbaked trails some respite, but alas, the dry weather continues. So, the trail crew is back on the ... Read more

HandleBar & Santa Cruz Custom Bike Frame Raffle

HandleBar Cafe & Santa Cruz Bicycles are raffling off a custom Chameleon frame by donation to WORCA during Crankworx . Come in buy a pint, make a donation and get a chance to win this beauty! Draw will be 7pm on Sunday August 20th. Read more

Trail Work Update: 11 August 2017

First: "Trial and Error" and "Big Kahuna" are temporarily closed for some blasting work and construction at the RMOW water treatment plant. You can ride Kahuna as an out-and-back if you really need to get your no-flow fix. We added "Billy Epic", "99'er" and "Cheap Thrills" to the list of trails with improved sight-lines and choking. Our necks are sore from using polesaws and loppers for the last month and we're ready to chill out for a bit. The trail crew is off for ... Read more

Giant/Liv Bicycles special edition Crankworx caps

Trucker Caps at Crankworx? Yes, they'll be back! Giant/Liv Bicycles Canda and WORCA have teamed up to make this tradition even better! Giant/Liv Bicycles have designed a special edition CrankWorx cap that can be yours for a minimum $2 donation to WORCA. So when you head into the Crankworx expo area, bring your spare change and search out our friends at Giant/Liv Canada (in Mountain Square right near Lulu Lemon). Your donation will get you a cool trucker hat and support ongoing ... Read more

Lord of the Squirrels T-Shirts on sale!

To celebrate the opening of Lord of the Squirrels (LOTS), local shops have the first run of Lord of the Squirrels T-Shirts for sale! Get one while they're in stock. Proceeds go directly to WORCA alpine trail maintenance and development. T-shirts are available here: Comor Sports Arbutus Routes Whistler Sports Rentals (Village and Upper Village locations) Whistler Village Sports Fanatyk Co Whistler Bike Co/Giant will have them in stock! NOTE: Only Whistler Bike Co. has the YOUTH version. Our thanks go to designer ... Read more

Trail Work Update: 4 August 2017

A short week with the crew due to the smoke; "Howler" de-branch, choke and rake is done, with some bog fill thrown in for good measure. Have a go if your lungs can handle that climb. Speaking of lung busting climbs, The Sproatt Epic loop (that's right, I said Epic.) is finally open! It's extra Epic with smoke, leftover snow, horse flies and -2 Celsius water in Camp lake (temperature of the lake could be an exaggeration). Tim Haggerty, Jerome David and I ... Read more

Trail Work Update: 28 July 2017

The hype is real! I guess some people just can't help themselves. Hopefully the Lord of the Squirrels (LOTS) poachers can also come out and help repair the damage caused... to the trail and to the reputation of mountain bikers. MTB advocates have been lobbying for the opportunity to ride our bikes in the alpine for years. It was the first point of business in the formation of WORCA in 1989. It took 25 years before we got a chance to put ... Read more