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Trails Update: Nov 08, 2019

  A great sprint to the finish We’ve been graced with outstanding weather for November trailwork this year! The bonus opportunity moved our Lord Of The Squirrels buffing to the exit of LESS. We focused on the short climbs that for some people had become the cruxes of the trail. Roots are armoured and capped, drains are wide open and ready for the eventual rains. We hope to beat the melt next spring and shake things up a little bit more before re-unveiling ... Read more

Trails Update: Nov 01, 2019

  Golden Gate analogy “They” say that it takes 7 years to paint the Golden Gate bridge. Starting in San-Francisco, by the time the crews reach the Marin headlands, it’s time to start again.That’s not really how it works: the crews do a lot of back and forth with touch-ups and other repairs. The trail crew’s task list is a little bit like that. By the time we get done at one end of the valley, the to-do list has filled up with projects ... Read more

Trails Update: Oct 25, 2019

Piece of Cake complete! The community has been blessed with some foul weather that pushed the trail crew back down to Lower Sproatt… to finish the bigger Piece of Cake. As the snowline crept down, we stacked rocks and moved countless buckets (of mud) in the cold driving rain. We kept the big finish quiet to let the new tread dry up… until now. The extension now connects Piece of Cake seamlessly into A la Mode and Mid Danimal. Go give it a try ... Read more

Trails Update: Oct 18, 2019

Thankful for Gore-Tex! The seasons have changed rather dramatically! After a cold shock, the rains (and snow) have started. Sproatt alpine trails are closed for the season, so we seized the opportunity for some Lord of the Squirrels maintenance. The trail has gone through some rough weather: crazy dry seasons that turned its smooth gold into dust, followed by a rather wet one that pulled away whatever mineral soil was left, exposing uneven roots and chasms between them. “Cut all the roots!” I’ve been ... Read more

Trails Update: Oct 10, 2019

Almost a Piece of Cake… We finished our season of Tuesday Dig Nights in style: smokies by a smokey fire and black forest cake in the black of night. Of course there was some dirt diggin’ done before the chilly chillin’. Santa Cruz Bikes sponsored a heated final party for 34 folks who braved the cold to work up a sweat. The trail isn’t quite ready for tires yet, although, we managed to de-duff the remaining 100 metres of the Piece of cake extension. ... Read more

Trails Update: Sept 20, 2019

A River Runs Through It upgrades I went for an inspection/planning walk with the RMOW trails leads to discuss substantial renovation plans. On top of completing the Bart’s Dark flow line, the “main” section of ARRTI, which periodically floods out the trail, will be getting some much needed upgrades and a re-route to higher ground. A lot of the woodwork along this section needs replacing and most of the legacy features will be rebuilt. The WORCA trail crew will partake in this ... Read more

Trails Update: Sept 13, 2019

Overheard: “What are you guys doing?” asked the panting teen as he walked his bike up the Lower Sproatt road. “We’re extending the Piece of Cake climbing trail!” “Why?” … roughly 15 years after the short but awesome “Piece of cake” and “A la Mode” trails were built, the vision to connect them is finally underway. We broke ground on the extension at this week’s Tuesday Dig Night. 25 Folks came out to work the dirt despite the looming showers. “Many hands make light work” but the ... Read more

Trails Update: Sept 6, 2019

Tuesday Dig Night Success! Fall volunteer trail work season has started with a bang: Already a ribbon cutting! The first day of school did not deter true dirt aficionados from completing the “Cherry on Top” section of the Lower Sproatt Dessert platter. Their efforts were rewarded by Brent Harley and Associates and Olive’s Community Market. Who wants a (bigger) Piece of Cake? The next 2 Tuesday Dig Nights will work on extending Piece of Cake up towards A La Mode (Or is it extending ... Read more

Trails Update: Aug 29, 2019

Danimal South blue-ification Our continued efforts to provide a continuous intermediate link from Lord of the Squirrels to the valley focused on the lowest piece: Danimal South into THC. This was a substantial effort in compromise. Without enough real estate to add an entirely new, separate intermediate trail, we toned down the rooty chaos with strategic armouring and “slow-traffic lanes” for root free braking. We also built a new line which bypasses the crux turns (the original line is unchanged for those who ... Read more

Trails Update: Aug 22, 2019

Uncovering trails We fired up the brush saws this week to fight back the weeds (and berries) growing under the powerlines all over the west side. It was a hot prickly mess! It’s not what I would call glamorous, “instagrammable” trail work, so I skipped the photographic evidence… Did we miss any sections? Please use Trailforks to report overgrown trails. DFX dig day Once again, the Whistler-Blackcomb DFX kids joined the trail crew for a few hours of heavy digging: extending “Cherry on Top” with ... Read more