2017 Toonie Ride Date Fixing Meeting, Feb 21

2017 Toonie Ride Date Fixing Meeting

WORCA invites all businesses/organisations (or a representative of the business) interested in (co) hosting a 2017 Toonie ride to the 2017 Toonie Ride Date Fixing Meeting on Feb 21, 2017. A representative for each business/sponsorship group must be present for inclusion in the 2017 Toonie series. Available ride dates range from early May to Early September. Note that certain sponsors/dates will have restrictions due to bike park opening hours and requests from the RMOW.

Date: Tuesday Feb 21st. 7pm
Location: Passiv Haus, Lost Lake

Please see last year’s schedule for reference.

Should you have any questions/queries please don’t hesitate to contact the Race Director before the meeting.